"Being a dancer is just an extension of being a human being." - Tovaris Wilson


Some wonderful feedback from students, friends, and fans.  Thanks for your contribution!



“Your arms and your smile and your posture are so strong, sweet, and graceful. Very Cute! A pleasure to watch.”


-Margo Brault


"Her dance style is light and airy, containing an energy which can be felt 
throughout the audience.”


“I always leave your classes in a MUCH better mood than when I came in.  You are a fun and engaging teacher and
have the knowledge to make any class you teach a true learning experience. :)”



"Katie is a talented dancer whose performances are riveting and entertaining...
As an instructor she breaks down each sequence of bellydance moves to make them easy to learn
..her classes are fun and on point!!"



"I have seen Katie's (Inferneaux's) show 3 times.  I have enjoyed each time that I watched. 
Katie is always smiling and shows that she enjoys her dancing.  She is very professional with her
fire dancing and always friendly with the audience between sets and after she completes her show."

-Roger Bourgeois