"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word." ~Mata Hari

Current Classes Offerings

Below is a listing of our current classes.  To sign up please navigate to our page on MindBodyOnline at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=250647

 2017 Classes


Beginner Bellydance

Instructor:  Katie
When:  Tuesdays starting Oct 17 6:30pm
Cost: $90 for 6 weeks
Learn the beautiful art of bellydance while adding grace, poise, strength and balance to your daily life.  You will learn basic posture and isolation techniques- the foundations of this centuries-old art form.  From swaying hips to graceful hand gestures, come celebrate the power and beauty of the feminine.   

Intermediate Bellydance

Instructor: Katie
When: Thursdays 7:45-8:45 ongoing
Cost: $120 for 8 Weeks / $60 for 4 weeks
This class is designed for students that have completed a beginner level 1 class and what to take their dance further with drilling, feedback, and more advanced concepts to further hone their skills.

Veil: Playful, Sassy, Soulful

Instructor:  Rachel
When:  Weds starting Oct 18 6:30pm
Cost: $90 for 6 weeks
In this class we will cover all things veil. Learn beautiful arm technique, soulful moves, and spins and turns all while having fun with the veil. We will focus on dancing together as a group to work towards performance. 

Upcoming and Previously Hosted Classes

Advanced Bellydance

Instructor: Katie
This class is designed for students that have completed a multiple intermediate classes and want to take their dance further to a performance level. *Must have teacher approval 

Hoop Fitness

Instructor: Katie
Anyone can hoop! We will be learning general hooping skills, tricks, beginner hoop dance, and how hooping and dance can work together to create a unique fitness blend. Note: Store bought hula hoops will not work for this style of hooping, we will be using adult sized dance hoops. I will have several loaners available as well as some for purchase. Please drop me an email if you need to reserve a hoop so that I will bring enough.  No dance or hoop experience necessary! 


Learn basic skills and transitions specific to the Aerial Hammock, while building upper body and core strength and developing flexibility. Class will consist of a 10 minute warmup, 40 minutes of skill building, and 10 minutes of stretching.

Beginner Pole Dance

When: TBA
Cost: $150 for 5 classes
In beginner pole, you will learn basic climbs and spins, and build strength and flexibility for skills on the pole.

Pole Flow

When:  TBA
Cost: $150 for 5 classes
In pole flow, you will learn a fusion of floor and pole choreography set to music.